At OMS, we are a team of eight professionals that are experts in different fields. We are all seasoned with extensive experience that gives us ample capability of taking care of the various needs that clients present to us.Our educational backgrounds extends from the Bachelor Level to the Doctorate Level, and most importantly, we are united under one premise:


Additionally, among the eight of us, and counting, we represent a multitude of cultures either by birth, having had the opportunity to work abroad, or through extensive visits to different countries which cover every continent on the globe (except for Antarctica) !

This rich background has expanded our horizons to filter situations from a diverse Multi-Cultural Multi-Lingual point of view, perhaps outreaching what the client is able to see. We also recognize that every human being has his or her own unique way of looking at the solution to a conflict. We can cater to your needs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

About Dr. Isis C. Clemente:

(Dr. C) President and Founder of OMS
B.A.- Queens College, CUNY, New York
M.A.- Teachers College, Columbia University
J.D. – University of Miami School of Law
MEDIATION LISCENSE: Florida Supreme Court

Family Law & Circuit Civil Cases

After a fruitful career teaching both Languages as well as Business Law, at the College Level, Dr. C decided to devote the rest of her life in what has been her forte, listening to people and orienting them to see different avenues, to pursue their dreams, and to resolve conflict.

Through group training, she can disperse ideas and challenge conventional thinking processes – Through one-on-one sessions, or coaching, she can be more personable in that guidance, BUT Dr. C realizes that the only one who will ultimately IMPLEMENT the lessons and ideas discovered in either training, , or coaching sessions into his/her life, and daily routine is THE CLIENT.

This is the reason why she emphasizes the word “Orientation,” in her business because she realizes that the power of “IMPLEMENTATION” is a process propelled by the conviction of THE CLIENT, not OMS.

And… when THE CLIENT reaches that “ “Aha !” moment, Dr. C will be there clapping and cheering you on!