Coaching for Institutions or Individuals:

Some organizations, or private clients may need a more personal approach to help implement that, which may have been discussed in previous training sessions or specific areas that they would like to focus on.

The implementation of new ideas or skills will always be up to the client; however, on a one-on-one coaching, or no more than (3) people in a small group, OMS can then target the individual(s) needs more closely than what it can address when training a group of 30 – 35 people where the trainer needs to maintain the material given at a more generic state.

Therefore, a coaching session may be more helpful given the fact that it is particular tailored to the individual’s circumstances. If that is the best way for you to reach the level that you wish to reach, we can discuss that possibility.

Below are some of the areas where we have done coaching; however, if you have a particular need that you would like us to attend to, we can design a course of instruction just for you.

There are times when individuals, not institutions may benefit most from one-on-one coaching in a variety of areas. For example:


Academic Choices New Career Choices
Interview Skills Public Speaking Skills
Listening Skills Conversational Skills
Personal Empowerment Conflict Resolution Skills
Time Management Multi- Taking Skills
Leadership Skills Managerial Skills
Acculturation to New Culture     Daily Use Language Skills