This type of mediation falls under Family Court

a. Are Your Going Through a Divorce?
b. Are you Separating from Your Partner with Whom You have Children?

If you have answered “YES” to (a) or (b), you would most likely be seeking a Dissolution of Marriage through the Court System, or you may be looking for a Parental Agreement with the Parent of Your Child. You can achieve one or both through a Private Family
Mediation. We have two mediators on our team.


Mediation is a process that gives the opportunity to the two parties
in conflict to settle their dispute through a mutually formed agreement that they are
both willing to follow.

The benefits of the mediation include:

  • The parties are in charge of what they want to do, not a judge who is not familiar with your family
  • The parties may bring a lawyer if they feel they need to, or they can save money by simply stating what it is that THEY want to be included in the agreement, and work it out between the two parties with the mediator acting as a neutral party.
  • Once they have a Mediation Agreement, the parties may file for divorce with the aid of a lawyer, or they can again save money by filing themselves.

Most of the cases arise from Dissolution of Marriage or Divorce. In a family mediation,
the mediator looks at the finances, assets, debts, parental share plan, including child
support, and any other issue pertinent to the dissolution of the marriage.


If you are not married, but have had a child with your partner, you will need to have a Parental Agreement that specifies the times and days each of the parents will have the child in their custody. It will also include child support payments, and any other incidental that the parents feel is pertinent to the welfare of their child. Mediation techniques may also be used to clarify other family issues that may be causing conflict in the household.