We offer corporate or company training for groups of up to 30 people with one trainer. More than 30 usually require a trainer + an assistant.

Training sessions follow a similar pattern. The group will be shown approximately up to (10 – 12) PPT slides from a Power Point Presentation. Then, we pause the presentation and go directly to a group exercise/activity or game that will put the concepts learned in the slides viewed into practice.

By engaging the participants in responding, as the slides are shown, and following up immediately with an activity that allows the participants to put into practice that which has been displayed allows for maximum engagement and learning.

This process is repeated until the end of the seminar at which point, the participants will be asked to work on an activity that will help tie in the points that were discussed during the entire seminar or training session.

Depending the nature of the activity, we may require numerous small groups of 3 or 4 participants. In order to keep each group on task and focused, we may require to bring in an assistant if the number of people is too large to be monitored by one person.

Below are the areas that we have experts ready to help your organization. However, given that each organization has particular needs, we will discuss the organization’s needs and either add to the presentation, or adapt it so that it is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

  • If you do not see the area that you are looking for, please contact us and we will create a training especially for your organization.
  • How to deal with Conflict in the Workplace?
  • Do You Know Whether You Have Conscious or Unconscious Biases? Find Out, and Change those that are not Favorable to You.
  • Speak in English Dam It! How Do You Deal With This Issue?
  • Terrified of Public Speaking? Learn to Apply Basic Steps to Overcome the Fear
  • Leadership Skills: Are You Born with Them? How Can They Be Acquired?
  • How do I Communicate with People of Diverse Backgrounds and Ethnicities?
  • Conflict at School – Conflict Resolution Techniques for Kids
  • Mediation Skills for Parent and Teenagers
  • Where is HR When You Need Them? Skills to Improve HR Efficiency
  • Mediation Skills for Families
  • Are you Having Problems in Communicating with your Employees? What are Your Options in the Workplace ( For Managers)
  • Are you Having Problems with Managers?: What Are Your Options in the Workplace? (For Employees)

Note: The last two could be combined into one depending of the climate and culture in your institution.